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Lagos environs has over ten beaches all with pretty much the same features – white sand, palm trees and the rough unforgiving waves of the Bight of Benin. The beaches are relatively quiet most weekdays and weekends, considering the size of the city. However, all the beaches are besieged on public holidays, when Lagos residents suddenly seem to remember they have a beach on their doorsteps!

Bar Beach: This is the main beach on Victoria Island, alongside Ahmadu Bello Way and one of the more popular beaches in the state. Bar Beach is the main (inner city) beach and runs from the Institute of Oceanography in the west to the Eko Hotel in the east. Being smack in the middle of the city, it attracts its fair share of squatters, druggies, “ladies of the night” with their “customers”, and fervent religious types, creating a heady blend of life forms, with the wealthiest walking along the poorest and no one batting an eyelid. Bar Beach is named after the sand bars that characterised the coastline of Lagos, not because of the myriad of bars that run along the beach itself (a popular misconception!)

The Eko Hotel end of Bar Beach was recently fenced off by the Lagos State government, to create a more “organised” beach called Kuramo Beach, named after the small lake which lies behind it. A uniform range of beach huts were rented/sold off to operators of bars and restaurants and for a while, this beach was very inviting. Like all things in Lagos, Kuramo was soon taken over by “the mob” and is now as rough and ready as the rest of Bar Beach.

The other beaches provide more of a “get away” from the city and include:

Lekki Beach, Alpha Beach, Eleko Beach and Akodo Beach (to the East) and Tarkwa Bay, Ogogoro Island, Atlas Cove, Lighthouse beach, Ilashe Beach, Agaja Beach and Badagry beach (to the West).


Lekki Beach: This very popular beach is only a few kilometres from the city centre along the Lekki-Epe Expressway. It is possible to hire a beach shelter made of palm fronds and set up a picnic or barbecue. Lekki Beach is right at the roundabout just past Ilasan Housing on Estate.

Alpha or Lekki Beach: This very popular beach is only a few kilometres from the city centre along the Lekki-Epe Expressway. It is possible to hire a beach shelter made of palm fronds and set up a picnic or barbecue.

Eleko Beaches: A few kilometres further along the Lekki-Epe Expressway, Alpha Beach is also a popular weekend get away for Lagosians. Expect to ‘settle’ some Area Boys in order to park your car. There are lots of eating joints and bars along the beach. Eleko Beach is about 45 minutes drive along the Lekki-Epe Expressway (turn right off the main road by the Total Filling Station). You have to pay around 100 naira to enter. This is perhaps the nicest public beach along the peninsula.

Akodo Beach – also known as the Eko Tourist Resort. About 35 minutes drive from Lagos, at km22 on the Lekki-Epe Expressway, the Eko Tourist Resort has chalets and a large conference hall on 10 acres, with than a kilometre of clean beach. Run by KIK & KEM Inv Ltd, its homely restaurant serves Nigerian, continental & Asian food. Round-the-clock security includes a Nigerian police post right inside the resort. All inquiries: Eko Tourist Beach Resort, km22 Lekki-Epe Expressway, Ibeju, Lekki LGA, Akodo. Lagos booking office:12C Akibo Savage, V.I. (01 – 2614138, 4702865, 7770700 – 9).
Hermitage Gardens Resort & Haastade Hospitality Suites
Hermitage Resort; secluded resort on the Lekki/Ajah Penninsular, Haastade Suites
Address: Hermitage Road, Tiye Village (Near Akodo), Lekki Local Government, Lagos.
Reservations: +234 1 262-0592, 818-4582, 0803-343-5443, 470-8936
Fax: +234 1 261-0475

The Peninsular Resort

Located at km27 on the Lekki-Epe Expressway, the Peninsula Resort is operated by the Peninsula Restaurant on Ozumba Mbadwe in V.I. It offers day or overnight facilities for companies, professional organizations or individuals who’d like private restaurant and conference facilities. A good spots for workshops, retreats or meetings, and continental or Chinese dinner could be arranged for private parties. The resort also has swimming pool and exercise room for visitors. Booking office: 01 –2617168.


Leisure resort for children.
Address: KM 35, Lekki Epe Expressway, After VGC, Lagos.
Phone: +234 1 818 4386

La Campagne Tropicana:A private resort/beach past the Peninsular Resort with accommodation and beach sports. 0805 126 7317 or 0807 754 7285
Tarkwa Bay: A sheltered beach within the harbour breakwater. It is easily accessible by boat from Tarzan Jetty at Maroko (N1000 per person) or under Falomo bridge on Victoria Island. The beach is a pleasant outing and has safe bathing even for children. Deck chairs are available for hire and a variety of fruits (pineapples, coconuts, oranges and so on) to buy. Make sure you book your return time with the boat driver.

Tarkwa is a man made bay and beach created during the formation of the Lagos harbour. The beach was shaped by the moles used to form the inlet to the harbour and covered with sand dredged from the bottom of the channel. As a result the water is a lot calmer than the exposed Atlantic coastline elsewhere around Lagos. The fine sand is also much more comfortable to walk and lie on than the coarse/sharp sand of the other beaches. With its own resident community, most of whom make their living from the tourists who visit the beach, this is the only “maintained” beach in Lagos with the beach hands cleaning up the garbage every weekend before the influx of tourists. Also given the fact that it is cut off from the main habitations of Lagos by water and is therefore only accessible by boat, this makes it a beach for real beach bums and sun worshippers, in contrast to the other “bums and worshippers” that flock to the Bar Beach.

It is also possible to surf in a corner of Tarkwa Bay and other water sports such as Jet Skiing and Water Skiing are fairly common, although don’t expect to find equipment there to rent! Make friends with the local nautical elites so you can use their water sports equipment.
Halem Sea Side Resort

A clean, serene and exclusive beach for people who love privacy/exclusivity.
Address: Plot 25 - 27, Kuramo Beach, Victoria Island, Lagos or Ikaare Island, Satellite Town, Lagos
Phone: +234 1 7735828
Website: halemsonbeachresort

Lighthouse Beach – is reached on foot from Tarkwa Bay and is named after the 110-year-oldlighthouse that guards the entrance to Lagos harbour. The Lighthouse can just be seen from the beach, and is well worth a visit, seeing as there are very few monuments of its age left standing in Lagos. The walk along the beach between Tarkwa Bay and Lighthouse Beach is very pleasant – often you are the only person on the beach. You can watch the many ships queuing up to enter the port on the near horizon.Ogogoro Island – home to the Lagos Yacht Club is passed on the way to Tarkwa Bay as is Atlas Cove – home to Lagos’ petrol tanks. It is very common to find a huge tanker offloading its petroleum products at Atlas Cove…its quite an impressive sight passing under one of these Herculean tankers, just remember not to light up a cigarette!


Agaja & Ilashe Beach – an almost exclusive beach resort, accessible only by private launch. Not much by way of swimming as it is the open Atlantic coast again but with beach house after beach house, it can have quite a community feel that you can forget the idea of swimming, spending time hopping from barbecue to barbecue leaving a trail of champagne bottles in your wake…. It is possible to jet-ski and water ski in the brackish waters of the creek behind the beach, although low tide can bring about many sand bars that one can easily get stuck on! While there, you must also try the coconuts…if only because there are millions screaming to be eaten!

Whispering Palms

A peaceful beach and holiday Resort near Badagry. Call 01-774 5255. Rooms start at N10,000 per night.

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