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Post  nex on Fri Jul 30, 2010 2:26 am

“FAILURE is a process and success is a product” This saying is one of my conclusions about life in my little sojourn in philosophy. It simply implies that both failure and success takes some processes to arrive at. Your choice of process determines what your product will be.

Away from philosophy and its complexity, the burning issue in the Nigeria polity now is credible election in 2011, with offspring’s such as Electoral Reform, voter’s register, internal democracy and what have you. The distracting fire of zoning was overwhelming, and even though we assume it has been extinguished, the amber is still red and potent.

Thanks to the pro-activeness of some of the opposition party, the ruling party almost dragged all public debates and discussion into the mare of zoning. Now, we are exposed to new revelations from the electoral body, the executive and the legislature. I think it is right for the general public and NGO’s to force the Aso people to do that which is right.

We have clamour for a credible personality to run the affairs of INEC, and the general consensus has it that Prof. Jega possessed the doggedness and competence needed. But let us not forget that a tree does not make a forest, it will be unfair to assume that Jega will just go ahead and perform miracles in 2011. Jega cannot be everywhere to monitor all elections neither will he use his hard earned money to ensure a free and fair election.

This is where, we, the masses come in. don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting we donate money to INEC. But INEC needs our voice. We need to help him force’ the government to release all that is needed for the success of the election. Recently, Prof. Jega demanded 72 billion naira for 2011 election.

The National Assemblies and the Federal government has been cold to that demand. They have been wasting time on non-issues while the most important things suffer. We all know time is what we don’t have to squander. If the general public do not stand up for Jega as we did for Jonathan when its critical, then, we should not blame him for any failure.
Interestingly, President Goodluck Jonathan promised the Nigerian populace and the world at large that the 2011 Election will be the most credible since independence.

This promise was backed by the resolution of both Houses of Representative and Assembly to support the new president in speedy passing of people oriented bills and other oversight functions. It then bits my imagination that money is always difficult to “give out” for people oriented programmes. The Federal Government awards billions and billions of naira contracts on a daily basis but for credible election that has been paid so much lip service, it develops a cold feet.

The claims of verification of whatever Prof. Jega led INEC wants to use 72 billion naira for is rather inconsequential to the importance of the ministry. And in any case, how long does it takes to verify? I am sure the over 250 billion naira Abuja road expansion contract and the 10 billion naira independence jamboree would have been long awarded and passed if not for the out cry of the masses against such waste.

If the President is serious about credible election then INEC’s need should be granted without further delay. This will not only exonerate the presidency from any failure of INEC, it will also make Nigerians know who is responsible for the failure.

Without fear or favour, the question we should ask is: do the legislators and the presidency really wants a credible election?

Words are vulnerable but I think they should understand that the item of saying whatever the public wants to hear without the intention of doing it is over. If they really want free and fair election, they should show it in their commitment to the course that will lead to the success of the election.

The seriousness of the presidency and the legislature is highly required in this new venture of truthfulness. INEC has a lot to battle with as it is, it will be unwise to waste precious time talking round the matter instead of acting promptly, I challenge the legislators and the President see to the release of the 72 billion naira demanded and every other demands that INEC might make for the elections. Let us set our priorities straight, Nigerians believe if we are able to get the election right, then, all other things like infrastructures and good policies will fall into place so why not give it all that we have to achieve success.

I gravely implore INEC to purge itself, people with questionable precedence should be relieved of their position without sentiments or favaurotism. The first step to a credible election is the voter’s register. It is no use going on a wild gooses chase, let’s have a new voter’s register.

With a new voter’s register, the public will have confidence and faith in INEC and their competence in conducting the 2011 election. Finally, this is a clarion call to all Nigerians to stand up for the Prof. Jega led INEC. Let us give INEC our voice and support. It will not only help to make 2011 election a huge sucks, it will also keep all government official or public officer on their toes. To whom much is given…

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