And Uphold Her Honour And Glory

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And Uphold Her Honour And Glory Empty And Uphold Her Honour And Glory

Post  nex on Mon Aug 16, 2010 7:55 pm

Nigerians are not brought up with honour as one of our virtues. Our parents usually told us to be good boys/girls, to read our books, to not fight, not steal, to respect our elders, do our chores, but they never told us anything about honour or glory.

It is mostly during self-enlightenment and rumination that we get to understand what such things really mean. What we must do is enlighten the masses via mass media. Television, Radio, Print, Internet. I say enlighten not educate because in Nigeria, education is very passive, it is enlightenment which is active liberation of mind...and once the mind is free, the body cannot be bond, once our people know where they are going to, it is not possible for them to remain where they should not be. It is impossible for them to remain in dishonour, poverty, corruption, docility, and suffering once our people are enligtened.

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