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Friends. Empty Friends.

Post  nex on Sun Aug 15, 2010 7:51 am

Foes, as friends they come
dogs adorned in sheeply cloth

words of hope in their tongue
the cross they clutch, overturned a sword

stab in the back yet draw no blood
treachery I repay with love

daughters and sons be warned
demons ne'er brave out no more.

enemies, they connive for our fall
their seats of deceit right amongst us

faces of smiles forged plastic with force
hugs chilled as blistering winter frost

in laughs they cloak their thorns
so younglings, you best be warned

They roll up stones just for sheer sport
cast in termites in neighbours' store

craft at night Machiavellian plots
Toiling to kill, to steal, and destroy

I watch their evil befoil
scheme unveiled yet I can't be hurt

A nightmare to them our firm resolve
our persistent joy pricks them the worst.

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